The Birdsall 30, by Birdsall Marine Design and Birdsall Boatworks, has been engineered to be both strong and amazingly durable. Built by an already established and well renowned name in the marine industry, all materials used in their build process are of the finest quality.

All components of the craft by Birdsall Boatworks are of “sandwich construction”, utilizing Corecell foam cores exclusively. Its qualities include dimensional “memory” & unmatched vibration dampening. As a result, boaters are astounded by how quiet the Birdsall 30 is under way. No squeaking, no grinding, no drumming – just the sound of water getting out of your way!

The rigging of each Birdsall 30′ is custom for each individual owner’s requirements. They have no desire to mass produce generic boats for the general market. Birdsall Marine Design’s mission is to produce the highest quality product possible for the most discerning of customers. Furthermore, we believe the charm of the Birdsall 30 is simplicity. This makes for easy set up, clean up, and all around comfort for the whole family. Whether you are fishing, diving, or just cruising to the sandbar, the Birdsall 30 is the perfect recipe.

It’s an honor to represent a world-class center console. As you know, we strive to represent only the most elite outboard boats the industry has to offer.

Contact Tom Ewer at 561.718.6961 or to schedule a sea trial or build design meeting.

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30' - Birdsall - 2022 - Birdsall 30 - Birdsall 30 - Singer Island, Florida, United StatesBirdsall 30
2022 Birdsall 30
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  • 2 Mercury V8 Verados
  • Birdsall 30
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